PupilPod takes a view of the processes followed by a institution in its entirety and enables schools to steamline the processes. It enables the processes to reduce the time spent, save costs and enhance the experience of all stakeholders involved in the process.

“theoxfordschools.pupilpod.in” is unique and futuristic programme meant for interaction between parent and the teachers. As a parent you can experience the long lost peace of mind and monitor your child’s progress on an ongoing basis. Get to know the attendance, marks, grade, activites, special classes, and fee payment status absolutely hassle free. Pupilpod net has all the relevant information you need to get an overview of your child’s progress at school and effectively chalk out his career.

Benefits for Parents 
Provides peace of mind as you can regularly monitor your child’s progress, interact with teachers and have direct access to student performance records through the years, attendance and marks records, online. Pupilpod network creates greater synergies between parent, teacher and the student.  


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